Step Over
Step Over is a multi-label retail space that showcases a curated range of rare and limited sneaker and streetwear items. Moving away from the typical sneaker store aesthetic, we were tasked with creating an identity for Step Over that would elevate the customer experience to something comparable with a designer retail experience, whilst still remaining approachable and uncomplicated.

The Step Over identity itself adapts to become a part of the application; utilising neon, cut-outs and embossing to take the place of the dividing line within the logo, embedding the brand into the space and physical collateral items. A pared-back colour palette reflects the fit-out, letting the merchandise become the focal point. The concept for the transparent oversized bags takes this further, allowing customers to literally show off their purchases whilst allowing the Step Over identity to be seen alongside the brand of the items inside.

Year completed: 2019
Folio photography by: Shelley Horan
Signage photography by: Tom Roe
Interior design by: T-A Square
Scope: Identity, Packaging, Print, Signage

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