Lucy Tolan
Melbourne-based artist Lucy Tolan is known for her distinctive hand-built ceramic objects, characterised by repetitive patterns and bold colours. We created an identity system for Lucy that revolves around consistency; embracing an ordered and understated identity application system to showcase her unique work.

The identity was combined with a wider visual strategy embracing the push and pull of visual excess and restraint, which was then applied to various printed deliverables, packaging components and a website. As a part of the visual strategy, we art directed a series of images in collaboration with photographer Shelley Horan that speak to the contrasting textures and themes within Lucy’s work.

The finishes utilised across the various deliverables were chosen to reflect the colours and surfaces within Lucy's pieces; glaze-like gloss red pigment foil and warm white uncoated paper stocks the colour of porcelain, and risograph printing as a nod to the one-of-a-kind nature of the works. The tissue paper designs are made from patterns taken from Lucy’s own work, adding an experiential quality as the tissue conforms to the shape of the object within. We introduced a series of stamps showcasing silhouettes typical of Lucy’s current body of work, allowing the printed deliverables to be updated with new shapes to reflect her evolving practice.

Year completed: 2020
Photography by: Shelley Horan
Scope: Art Direction, DigitalIdentity, Packaging, Print

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